Watch John Sayles' 'Amigo', a Great Lesson in History and Storytelling/Filmmaking :)

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This is a combined version of the update I sent to and Facebook page fans. - :)Dino


Hello folks!


On behalf of some of my friends who are involved in the production of 'Amigo', the new movie on the Philippine-American war by 2-time Oscar nominee John Sayles, I encourage you to watch it in any of the following theaters:


SM North Edsa, SM Mega Mall, SM Mall of Asia (with English subtitles), SM Bacoor, SM Cebu (with English subtitles), SM Davao, SM Manila, TriNoma, Glorietta 4 (with English subtitles), Robinson's Galleria, Robinson's Ermita


You can find the screening times here:


The film opened in theaters last July 6, Tuesday, and its survival in the box office depends on your support (it is scheduled for a one-week run, but this might be shorter or longer depending on ticket sales). I, myself, have seen it twice, and I highly recommend it. We need to support films like this because we need to encourage producers to make more films such as this, which helps us clarify our culture and identity and thus, also helps us clarify where we are going as a nation.


As filmmakers/writers/storytellers, you will also learn a lot from John Sayles, a masterful writer of fiction (he recently came out with a 900+ page novel called A Moment in the Sun about the same period but more international and epic in scope) and scripts (Lone Star, Matewan, Eight Men Out, etc), on how to integrate research, particularly historical research, into a story.


So starting this weekend, bring (better yet, drag :P) your friends and family to the cinemas for a unique history and storytelling lesson. If you're a teacher, please urge them to watch this movie which tackles a topic rarely, if ever, seen on the screen. This film will make them curious about a very important period in our history more than a textbook will. For context, you may direct your students to visit the following links about the Philippine-American war:


Other helpful links about Amigo and John Sayles:


Reviews of Amigo (may contain spoilers so I advise you to watch the movie first before reading): (Conrado de Quiros) (a rating of 9.5/10 by Jecoup Asombrado) (Andrew P.)


Finally, anything you can do to spread the word about this must-see movie -- share the Amigo the Movie Facebook page, or forward this message, or invite them via this Facebook event -- will go a long way toward changing the kinds of movies we see on screen, and also toward helping our economy: foreign producers will be encouraged to shoot more in our country which means more work for everyone.


So hope you have a wonderful cinematic weekend! Be an Amigo to our cinema and to our country. :P



:)Dino Manrique

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Update: Tomorrow may be the

Update: Tomorrow may be the last day of Amigo in Philippine theaters if things don't pick up, so please watch Amigo this weekend and spread the word.

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Awesome Amigo US Trailer!

Awesome Amigo The Movie US Trailer! Must-watch! :D Just don't mind the August release date -- it's for the US obviously. :P Here in the Philippines, it's the last day of screening today, July 11, Monday, so rush to the nearest theater showing Amigo now!​vies/cinemas.php?id=13291 cc Amigo Now Showing in Theaters Everywhere!

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Free Amigo SM Cinema Passes for History/Humanities/Arts Teachers

If you're a History/Humanities/Arts Teacher, you're qualified to receive a free Amigo SM Cinema pass! :)

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Last day of screening

Last day of screening according to Origin8Media Corp., Amigo's distributor, is tomorrow, July 12, Tuesday. Also confirmed this with SM Mall of Asia & Glorietta 4, Cinema 4 which are screening the movie with English subtitles. Complete list of theaters still screening Amigo (with showtimes) can be found at Clickthecity (usually accurate coz they update their schedule daily)​m/movies/cinemas.php?id=13​291 . Hopefully more people watch so that the screening can be extended. So spread the word, folks!

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Great News! Extended Indefinitely! :)

Wohooo!!!! Extended Indefinitely! Habol na! :D

Repost Tammy B. Dinopol "Thanks to all those who watched Amigo in the Philippines! We are still playing in a few cinemas today (July 13) - Glorietta 4, Trinoma, Robinsons Ermita, Robinsons Galleria, SM Bacoor. We will soon be bringing Amigo to your local cinemas in other parts of the Philippines. Watch out for announcements here. It would do a great deal for the movie if you can also call your local theaters and ask them to screen Amigo."

Find showtimes here:

Also from Amigo the Movie Facebook Page: "KEEP THE SPIRIT OF AMIGO ALIVE! Urge your local cinemas to put Amigo at a theater very near you! Operators may email us via to arrange for local screenings. This is just the beginning folks! We thank you for your continued support. Mabuhay! " https://spreadsheets.googl​​ ?formkey=dC1TdnhaQTV5cl9FN​3dZSFZpVUNfb0E6MQ

You can also share this Facebook event: Thanks!