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Photos and Videos of the MTRCB (MTCB) Bill (HB 6425) Filing

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Hello folks!

At last, Task Force Free the Artists filed the MTCB Bill last May 27, 2009 at the House of Representatives. You can find more details about the filing at the following pages:



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Aurora rated X again by MTRCB

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First posted at my Multiply site.

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Invitation to Meeting to Redraft MTRCB Reorganization Bill

This November 15, Saturday, 1pm in QC, Free Expression Philippines, a group of filmmakers and artists will meet to redraft the pending MTRCB Reorganization Bill in the 13th Congress, with the end to refile it this 14th Congress. PD 1986, which created the MTRCB, is an anachronistic law which stifles the filmmaker's basic right and duty: to express and tell the TRUTH.

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Why the MTRCB Post was Unpublished

Just in case you read the article at and were left wondering why it disappeared.

First published at my Multiply blog.

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MTRCB on a Rampage: Raya Martin's 'Next Attraction' Also X'd

After sending out this post about the MTRCB giving an X rating  to the various filmmaking yahoogroups, scriptwriter and movie producer Raymond Lee sent me an e-mail message, informing me that the movie 'Next Attraction' by another filmmaker whose previous works have also been recognized here and abroad, the young Raya Martin, 

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Lav Diaz Gives the MTRCB the Finger!

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Recently, filmmaker Lav Diaz's film 'Death in the Land of Encantos' suffered the same fate as the Cannes Festival-honored Filipino film 'Serbis' in the hands of the MTRCB -- it was X'd. Many, like filmmaker JP Carpio in his Multiply blog, took the MTRCB to task for the injustice of this act.

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Cut the MTRCB!


I'm mad.

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