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Auraeus Solito
Henry Grageda

Amidst the chaos of Martial Law in the 1980's, eight teenagers in the top high school for the sciences discover themselves as they go through the joys and pains of adolescence.

Carl John Barrameda - Matt
Bernardo Bernardo
Elijah Castillo - Minggoy
Eugene Domingo
E.J. Jallorina - Euri
Alfred Labatos - Daki
Rebecca Padilla
Arnold Reyes
Annicka Dolonius - Wena
Gammy Lopez - Rom
Jonathan Neri - Andy
Shayne Fajutagana - Liway

Cinemalaya 2007 Awards:
Best Director
Best Production Design — Martin Masadao, Regie Regalado, Dante Garcia and Endi Balbuena
Audience Choice

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Pointless, narcissistic, self-aggrandizement:

That NEEDS to explain itself to its audience; from the looks of that impression. Fuck, exactly what kind of ' good entertainment ' can be had from a high school flick that literally REQUIRES the prescence of the actual alumni and staff to make it alive and real FOR the viewer ?!?!? What is there left to explain ' bout bullshit high school? It's one of the most basic post 20th century milieus known to mankind - & it's STILL CAME OUT CONFUSING ?!? I gotta give the hand it to these douchebags for having made a high school movie NOBODY feels led right in ( & tell me THAT was what the experience was like, mr. reviewer. For you, sir, are so being damn too polite ). It's like they just made a film about the HALLWAY, where we're caught in the bench bewildered, as a nasty bunch of puissant winos nearby yak on by to be acknowledged, sitting through THEIR FUCKING NOISE until we could leave! Hollywood High School flicks cannot possibly dream up this ineptitude.

Then,there's that poster. Man, what is that SHIT ? Its celebrating the goddamned teacher. WHAT SELF-RESPECTING HIGH SCHOOL FLICK DOES THAT ?!?!? EVEN HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL IGNORED THE FUCKING TEACHER !!!!! Dumbass and spectacularly inept as they usually come, at least they could count from one to four enough to know that shit like that would tank, & should be kept away from all glances or the stonings shall come. That will not aid an already spineless picture, and neither would anyone be bothered to fucking watch it. But it seems that Filipinos are so inundated by belligerent authority. they're don't mind being amused by it. Or them pampered Filipino middle class NERDS-FOR-LIFE. Nada self-esteem = Zero stars !!!

Such a totally hierarchial piece of shit colonial country to let this damn thing slide. I mean, they DO wax colonial onto something as basic as learning all the time; like its a privelege. They're even doing that to their goddamned food ( rice ) .

Isn't Philippine Science High School a public high school supposedly PAID FOR AND SUSTAINED BY THE PINOY TAXPAYERS ? And these ingrates are hoarding it all like it's their own damn fricking party, complete with the vanilla singing-and-dancing bullshit ? Last time I checked , this was suppose to produce us bright scientists and technocrats to fix up our industries and R&D ; not pencilheaded malcontents who repeatedly undermine us for their multinational johns ( like their illegitimate, smarty-pants president, who is a bitch-whore ).

OR browbeat us with their sycophanthic subcultural cornball meritocracy nobody needs. Dear god. Great ! " What brilliance ! " "What timbre ! " " What panache ! " " What magnificent ' two thumbs upping ' grace in that dorky piece of escapism ! Man, if there's a part of the appendage that ought to be upped at this shit, it's tha middle finger, & it's coming straight at YO !!!!!

Since when did it become THEIR Pisay ?!?!? Dammit.

Says a lot about our pathetically ' tolerant ' slave society that these establishment dweebs would get away unscathed with their malaise unscathed - and nary a single bullet glazing the side of their shoulders towards their fucking bespectacled heads.

Yep. One more of their waste mindset materialized to trample the masses, in all its perverse class hate. I sure DO feel embarrassed enough for this walking act of surrender that HUMANS WILL HAVE ACTUALLY SEEN IT !!!!! Priorities are fucked is what it is, apparently.

Find better filmic motivations; please.


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out of 10
High School Musical - Pisay the Review

The students and alumni of Philippine Science must find a great deal of gratification in the fact that Pisay the movie is jsut as hard to get into as Pisay the school. The movie was impossible to get tickets for at Cinemalaya, even days in advance. It seemed like every student and alumni of Pisay had bought up every single ticket. What they got for their money was a nice little romp into the 80's but without the big hair or Motley Crue. Great pseudo 80's soundtrack too.

Pisay is at times heartwarming, heartwrenching, gutwrencing, gutbusting and mindblowing all while pulling at your melancholic heartstrings. It's four individual stories told within each of the four individual highschool years at Pisay. There's a couple of luv stories, a bit of social commentary, the boy who gets bullied and then the senior year which has everything else. The movie however is only half the fun of enjoying Pisay.

Watching Pisay at Cinemalaya was like being in a high school auditorium but in a good way. It's noisy and loud but never distracting. The crowd was made up mainly of Pisay students and alumni so everytime a shot of something familiar showed up, their whoops and cheers would accompany it like an unchoreographed soundtrack. Several people in the audience would counter with a 'shhh' to no avail. Asa pa kayo. This is THEIR film and their racket made it all the more enjoyable. They even provided the laugh track in case you forgot the scene was funny.

Aureus Solito won the Balanghai as Best Director, beating out Jim Libiran for Tribu. Pisay on the other hand won the audience choice award - no big surprise there - while Tribu won as Best Film. I would've preferred to see Jim Libiran walk away with the Best Director and Pisay as Best Film. Both films are excellent but Cinemalaya tradition is that it isn't the winner that goes on to bigger and better recognition, it's the non-winners that do.

Aureus Solito already did that with Maximo. Jim Libiran deserves that as well with Tribu. But that's just a tradition of two years so maybe it's time the mold was broken. As it stands, Pisay is a great film to see surrounded by a loud group of teens and teen wannabes reliving their past. Even if you've never set foot in the halls of the famous school, you'll feel like you went there and studied there. These people are your friends. When the movie ends, it feels like you jsut graduated with them as well. It's a feel good film that genuinely makes you feel good.

btw - the poster has eight hidden messages in it. Stare as I did, I only found seven. Egis Er'P!!!

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