My First Showbiz Dream

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I grew up in the province. During my high school years, I always spent my summer vacation in Manila to be able to enhance myself by attending short courses. Every time I went back to the province, I always wanted to have something new to share to my family, relatives and most especially to my friends. It was a yearly plan on my part until I graduated high school.

I was a typical "promdi" who dreamed of entering showbiz. Will do everything, no matter what it will take me just to get in. Funny but true. The very first attempt was an "ambitious" plan of joining "That's Entertainment". I thought I had the look and the talent to be able to join the bandwagon of stars of Kuya Germs. I was so excited cause my eldest sister had lots of showbiz friends and I thought someone will at least give me the chance, to be given the exposure I've been hoping for. They interviewed me but nothing followed.

I remember one time, there was a taping at Makati Cinema Square starred Cherie Pie Picache and Conrad Dela Torre, I guess the sitcom was about a "Pub House"  or something. My brother-in-law sponsored real beers from our steak house, to be used for the taping in exchange of me and my cousins to become a part of the "extras" or crowd. It was so funny that after the taping, I called up all my cousins and informed them about it, told them to watch the show. But I was never seen on the frame. As I said, it was really funny.

I told myself that I will never stop until I see myself on tv being broadcasted nationwide. This was just the start of my journey.

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follow your dreams. yEah it's funny I had the same experience lol! I did short role in one of FPJ's movie "Gawa ng balang papatay sayo" we shoot for 1 whole day pero sec lang sa movie hahhaha and like you sobrang excited ako pero mas excited ang dad ko. I don't even want to see the movie but my dad pulled me at kahit secs lang proud parin sya sakin :). I know that "pubhouse" sitcom that was late 80's.