Makati eyes tax exemption for RP films

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MANILA, Philippines -- In a move to help the movie industry in the face of problems with piracy, Makati City intends to amend an ordinance to exempt Filipino movies from amusement taxes.

In a statement Monday, Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay said he has asked the Makati City Council to approve an ordinance amending the city’s tax code.

The Makati City council has drafted Ordinance No. 2008-042, which amends section 3F.01 Article F. on Amusement Tax of the 2004 Revised Makati Revenue Code to completely exempt all Filipino films shown in Makati movie houses from paying the amusement tax.

There are 31 movie houses in Makati City -- 11 in Glorietta, seven in Greenbelt; six in Powerplant; four in Waltermart (Cinema 2000); and three in ABC Mall (SM Moviehouses).

“We cannot expect the Filipino movie industry to survive if government continues to impose excessive taxes,” Binay said. “We hope that by exempting Filipino movies from the 30 percent amusement tax in Makati, we can help the thousands of workers and encourage producers to continue making movies."

Binay said the Philippines is among the countries with the highest taxes on movies, almost 48 percent, including the 30% amusement tax and 12% value added tax.