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Two Funerals

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Gil M. Portes
Enrique V. Ramos

A black comedy cum road movie about a grieving mother's journey to recover her daughter's body after a funeral mix-up caused it to be accidentally switched with a stranger's corpse. The journey from Tuguegarao, Cagayan in the north to Matnog, Sorsogon in the south is actually a journey to the heart of the country during Holy Week in the heat of the election season.

Tessie Tomas, Xian Lim, Jeffrey Quizon, Robert Arevalo, Benjie Felipe, Mon Confiado.  Introducing:  Princess Manzon.

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Danilo Gomez Añonuevo
Danny Añonuevo and Jerry Gracio

What is the measure of true friendship? Jamir, a devout Muslim, and Lando, a Christian, are among an elite group of young recruits formed by military officers for a classified operation. These impressionable young men would undergo intense and grueling training that put their will and strength of character to the test. Amidst all the hardships, these men set aside their differences and became brothers. But what happens when the institution they have sworn to protect becomes the wedge that will tear their brotherhood apart?

Sgt. Manuel Lapuz : Emilio Garcia

Jamir Alura : Joem Bascon

Lando Dela Cruz : JM De Guzman

Ben Ismael :  Alwyn Uytingco

Omar Mahadin : Dominic Roco

Ulfi Manjanay :  Alchris Galura

Ghani Ahmad : CJ Ramos

Nikanor Tuglao : Manuel Chua Jr.

Col. Mariano : Archi Adamos

Waldo Palaypay : Rob Sy

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Vox Populi

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Connie is My Candidate
Dennis N Marasigan
Dennis N Marasigan

It is Saturday before the 2nd  Monday of May, the last day of the official campaign period before elections. CONNIE is the daughter of a former Mayor of the town of San Cristobal  and is now running for the same position. She is now running a three-cornered campaign against the former Vice-Mayor and a former student leader, helped by her brother RICKY, campaign manager TONY and an increasing number of supporters .

Irma Adlawan     ...     Connie
Ces Aldaba    ...     Mr. Huerto
Bobby Andrews    ...     Ricky
Joe Mari Avellana    ...     Manong
Dido De La Paz    ...     Ado
Julio Diaz    ...     Tony
Jess Evardone    ...     Fr. Jess
Simon Ibarra    ...     Kapitan Boyong
Jim Libiran    ...     Attorney
Tony Mabesa    ...     Sir Aris
Gabe Mercado    ...     Business Club President
Cris Mojica    ...     Mayor Zarate
LJ Moreno    ...     Sonia

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Dan Villegas
Paul Sta. Ana

May is the month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of Christ.  In Infanta, Quezon, locals turn each of the 31 days of May into a charming honor not only to celebrate good harvest in their agricultural setting, but also to pay tribute to the virginal virtues of the Mayohan.  Every month of May, a padasal or series of novenas commences to mark the beginning of Mayohan.  This will culminate in a Pasayaw or Tapusan in every purok of each barangay.  A system of ambagan or donation ensues for the festivities to take place.  In the hopes of keeping a tradition alive, the elders suppor

Lovi Poe as Lilibeth, Elijah Castillo as Nino, Ping Medina as Ruben, Lui Manansala as Chayong, Chiqui del Carmen as Ising, Dianne Laserna as Martha, Jill Palencia as Melay, Girose Lanot as Aida, Benedict Jhocson as Mayor

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Joel Lamangan
Bonifacio Ilagan from a story by Bonifacio P. Ilagan and Joel C. Lamangan

Sigwa, meaning “storm,” spans 40 years of Philippine social unrest.

Our story is initially told by Fil-Am Dolly, a junior correspondent of a US magazine, who was sent to the Philippines in 1970 to do a story on student activism in Manila. Today, she has returned after being arrested and deported in 1975, on the third year of martial law. Her mission is personal this time:  to look for her daughter, who was supposed to have died 35 years ago, but who, she has been told, is alive.

Marvin Agustin Gina Alajar Jay Aquitania Rico Barrera Tirso Cruz III Allen Dizon Pauleen Luna Zsa Zsa Padilla Jim Pebanco Lovi Poe Raquel Villavicencio Megan Young Dawn Zulueta

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Ganap na Babae

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Garden of Eve
Rica Arevalo, Ellen Ramos and Sarah Roxas

"Ganap na Babae" is a film for women made by women directors:
Rica Arevalo, Ellen Ramos and Sarah Roxas. A prostitute, two sisters, and a widow come together
to tell their stories about womanhood.

A woman (Mercedes Cabral) shares her soul as a prostitute in front of
the camera. A survivor, she looks back at her life as a mother.

Milagros (Sue Prado) and Elena (Jam Pérez) are sisters tilling "camote"
(sweet potato) in a dry land. Poverty provokes Elena to migrate as a

Mercedes Cabral

Sue Prado

Jam Pérez

Rome Mallari



Boots Anson Roa


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Jim Libiran
Jim Libiran

The dangerous unlit streets and labyrinthine alleyways in the ghetto district of Tondo in Manila serve as claustrophobic backdrop to a random killing that triggers a wild and bloody gang war.

Through the eyes of a 10 year old boy, we are immersed into the normal, impoverished, tough life of Tondo. Through him, we encounter the juvenile yet murderous leaders and members of various gangsta tribes -- adolescent thugs and petty criminals whose pastimes are sex, drugs and their eloquently poetic street rap, delivered in their own unique tongue-twisting machine gun-style.

Starring real life Tondo gang members.

Also starring: Jamir Garcia (of Slapshock), Ira Marasigan, Malou Crisologo, Dice & Hi C (Mobbstarrs), Loonie & Ron (Stick Figgas), God's Will, Faye Martel, Vim Nadera, Teo Antonio, Rey Guevarra Javier, Charena Escala.

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Auraeus Solito
Henry Grageda

Amidst the chaos of Martial Law in the 1980's, eight teenagers in the top high school for the sciences discover themselves as they go through the joys and pains of adolescence.

Carl John Barrameda - Matt
Bernardo Bernardo
Elijah Castillo - Minggoy
Eugene Domingo
E.J. Jallorina - Euri
Alfred Labatos - Daki
Rebecca Padilla
Arnold Reyes
Annicka Dolonius - Wena
Gammy Lopez - Rom
Jonathan Neri - Andy
Shayne Fajutagana - Liway

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Margaret Guzman and Arah Jell Badayos
Arah Jell Badayos

Inside the Fernando house, nobody talks. Lives are kept to themselves; problems are not shared; questions are not entertained. The people living inside it have become used to leaving everything unstirred especially Margaret, the mother of the home.

Margaret’s desire for cleanliness and order alienates her from her family. She cannot confront the problems of her life and so she confronts dirty dishes, ugly stains, and disorderly appliances. To get to know her family, she snoops around - entering rooms, opening cabinets, reading journals she is not supposed to read.

Rio Locsin
Ricky Davao
Roxanne Barcelo
Mario Magalona
Miguel Lorenzo Javier
Thess Antonio

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Cris Pablo
Dianne Marie Combalicer & Crisaldo Pablo

Delsa does her workas a sewer in a garments factory where even the visits to the comfort room is regulated. Her huisband and child passed away in a traumatic stampede some years ago and now she lives alone in a small room in a squatter's area in Quezon City . Her routine is to wake up each morning, go to work, come home, make rags out of pieces of cloth she gets from the factory, cry over the loss of her family, and open her door to the neighbor Lena who runs to her everytime she is beaten by her husband Ray-an.

Ray-An Dulay, Angela Antonio ang Ynez Veneracion

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