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Para na Aqui, Paranaque

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Here's where I get off, Paranaque
JB Eudela y Rodriguez

TitlePara na aqui, Parañaque!

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Jowee Morel
Jowee Morel

When a young director Andrew Locsin discovers the
 cruel betrayal of his lover and friends, his vice triggers a destructive entanglement of his dark past.

An ordeal that was haunting his unconsciousness and
 graphic memories, surfaces. Thrown into a mix of
 spine-chilling hallucinations and paranoia he comes face to face with the mysterious ghosts of a mother and a girl. With no one
 trust, the demons in his nightmares appear in his
fight for
 survival in a horrifying doomed reality.

Marc Jacob
Mercedes Cabral

Zach Urdaneta 

Chanel Latorre

Pia Millado

Special Participation:

Chito Alcid

Tia Pusit

Ricky Mansueto

Boy Villasanta

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Jerrold Tarog & Ruel Dahis Antipuesto
Ramon Ukit

Lies + Lies = Truth

Publio Briones III

David Barril

Greg Fernandez

Donna Gimeno

Owee Salva

Jai Rabin


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Manila 1945: The Forgotten Atrocities

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Peter Parsons
Peter Parsons

Interviews with the victims of Japanese atrocities in Manila on the eve of Japan's defeat during World War II.

Cesar Montano - presenter & narrator
Ricardo Trota Jose - historian

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OFW-Bagong Bayani o Baliw na Bayani

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Overseas Filipino Workers-New Heroes or Mad Heroes
Noriel Jarito
Juan Patlang and IRONoriel

An overseas Filipino worker in Saudi Arabia battles with his worries and boredom. Determined to work but fiercely homesick. Is his stay worth the sacrifice?

Noriel Jarito
Bernabe Jose Malvar
Tina Siervo

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The Puffy Chair

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Jay Duplass
Mark Duplass

Josh goes on a road trip with girlfriend Emily and brother Rhett to pick up a purple recliner he bought from eBay, and then to deliver it as a surprise birthday gift to his father.

Mark Duplass .... Josh
Kathryn Aselton .... Emily
Rhett Wilkins .... Rhett
Julie Fischer .... Amber
Bari Hyman .... Motel Manager
Gerald Finnegan .... Puffy Chair Salesman
Larry Duplass .... Josh and Rhett's Dad
Cindy Duplass .... Josh and Rhett's Mom
Henry Barendse .... Upholsterer
David Parsons .... Theater Owner
Jose Manuel Alvarado .... Furniture Employee
Daniel Gonzalez .... Furniture Employee
Ora Aselton .... Furniture Customer
Bill Leighton .... Fire Extinguisher (as Billy Leighton)
Jim Whalen .... Doctor

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The Celebration

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Thomas Vinterberg
Thomas Vinterberg, Mogens Rukov

In a family gathering for the patriarch's sixtieth birthday, skeletons in the closet are revealed.

Ulrich Thomsen .... Christian Klingenfeldt
Henning Moritzen.... Faderen/Father Helge Klingenfeldt-Hansen
Thomas Bo Larsen.... Michael
Paprika Steen .... Helene
Birthe Neumann .... Moderen/Mother
Trine Dyrholm .... Pia
Helle Dolleris .... Mette
Therese Glahn .... Michelle
Klaus Bondam .... Toastmasteren/Master of Ceremony Helmut
Bjarne Henriksen.... Kokken/Cook
Gbatokai Dakinah.... Gbatokai
Lasse Lunderskov.... Onklen/Uncle
Lars Brygmann .... Receptionisten/Receptionist
Lene Laub Oksen .... Søsteren/Sister
Linda Laursen .... Birthe

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Funny Ha Ha

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Andrew Bujalski
Andrew Bujalski

When you graduate college you easily sashay into the world of adulthood, start a career, and get serious, right? Wrong. Marnie has left college, but not her drinking habits and her bad taste in bad men. What's more, Marnie can't seem to find a permanent job. It would be said if it weren't so funny.

Kate Dollenmayer.... Marnie
Mark Herlehy .... Grady (tattoo artist)
Christian Rudder.... Alex
Jennifer L. Schaper.... Rachel
Myles Paige .... Dave
Marshall Lewy .... Wyatt
Danny Miller .... Gary (engineer)
Mark Capraro .... Travis (engineering assoc.)
Sabrina Hawthorne.... Laurie (engineer)
Lissa Patton Rudder.... Susan
Andrew Bujalski .... Mitchell
William Westfall.... Jeff (party guest)
Jed McCaleb .... Lance (party guest)
Sheila Dubman .... Kimberly (temp boss)
Justin Rice .... Jed (roommate)
AnitRa Menning .... Liz (girl in car)

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Jan Philippe V. Carpio
Jan Philippe V. Carpio and Mae Astrid Tobias


After several years of living in Metro Manila, Julio, the youngest son of the Gonzalez family, returns for vacation in his home of Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. Accompanying him is his Iloilo born and Metro Manila lived wife, Stella.

Upon their arrival in Bacolod, everything seems to be normal and routine. Julio reunites with his widowed mother Inday Carmen, his elder brother Boy, and his old friend Isabela. He introduces Stella to all of them.

Stella Santiago-Gonzalez
Joy Ramirez

Julio Gonzalez
Mandy Alimon

Boy Gonzalez
Glynn Medina

Inday Carmen Gonzalez
Lindy Osmeña

Isabela Garcia
Riega Dioneo

Lore Roces
Nadjah Lee Española

Yaya Sonia
Magdalena Siva

Dodo Baquiller

Judith Victorino

Rudy de la Peña

Lacson Pedestrian
Tyrel Storm Gamboa

Lagoon Parkgoer
Insiang Johnson

High School Batchmate
Paul Moles

Luzuriaga Pedestrian
Eric J. Dima-ala

Michael Joseph David

Field Workers
Lita Igid
Rosario Igid
Lolita Villanueva
Nellie Moral
Edith Calvo

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Girl of My Dreams

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Jan Philippe V. Carpio
Jan Philippe V. Carpio and Shane Escueta

Jesse gets a room in the condo of childhood friend Vincent. Jesse suffers from narcolepsy where the line between dreams and reality seem to merge. Her dreams involve Vincent and a mysterious woman. She tries to discover the relationship between herself, Vincent and the mystery woman.

Jesse - Aprille Delani

Vincent - Miko Javier

Josh - Irwin Rommel Teves

Fides - Trina Guzman

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