JP Carpio Interview on Digital Filmmaking

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Look for the first part of Timmy Magalang's interview of JP Carpio on digital filmmaking in today's -- July 30, 2008 -- issue of Manila Bulletin, Tech Section; Timmy's column is called Tech 101. The interview might also be posted online at Manila Bulletin's website tomorrow. 

JP already forwarded me a copy (I hooked JP and Timmy up) and he did a great job explaining the ins and outs of digital filmmaking.

For now, you can read an excerpt at JP's Multiply Blog. Laughing

Update: Timmy just informed me that the interview was trimmed for lack of space. Will try to ask him if we can post the complete version on our sites.

Update: Timmy said that part 2 of the interview has yet to appear on Manila Bulletin next week, and then, sometime in the second week of August, the entire interview with a different layout in the technology newsletter (also called Tech O'Clock) he edits for his IT company so I have to wait till then for me to post the unedited version.


Good to Hear..

Great News!

It's wonderful that JP is getting some recognition. I think he deserves it. He's promoting the right things about filmmaking. His insights, recommendations and write-ups continue to provide strength for my on going journey. Hoping that this continues.

Keep it up Dino and JP!

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Update: Full Interview

Timmy has just texted me that since Part 2 of the interview with JP was published in the Manila Bulletin today, I can now post the entire interview.