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Hey guys,

Welcome to your new online filmmaking community!

To break the ice, kindly introduce yourself. You may state your name, age, gender, profession, filmmaking interests, and anything else you would like to add. You may or may not answer any of the following questions:

  1. What's your wish for Philippine Cinema?
  2. If you were to take only two films (any format, genre, length) -- one Filipino, one foreign -- with you to a desert island, which two films would you bring? Of course, the island is equipped to play these films. ;)

40 weeks and 3 days later...

This post looks so lonely.  I think I'll keep it company.  Hopefully, other pinoyfilm members will join us (hint... hint...). 

lizzie5apple is Alma Cabel.  I'm a musician and music educator.  I've been making music since I was 5.  I play several instruments, sing and compose music.  I trained in Theatre for four years and often wish that, after doing lesson plans and checking papers, I have time to spare so I can go back from time to time.  But Theatre is a demanding mistress -- I don't want to give myself half-baked. I write. Everytime I do, I can feel Mildred, my clavinova, stare at me reproachingly.  I tinker with my laptop keyboard more regularly and she often feels neglected.

1.  I wish that Filipino filmakers would give our people more credit.  They'll keep eating garbage if that's all that's being fed to them.  If I sound a tad bitter, it's because of this: I used to act on TV.  I got this role once where my character wreaked havoc on a relatively happy home.  My scenes, though, asked me to blatantly spread evil even in the presence of my employer (who ridiculously remained oblivious to it).  The director noticed my frown while I was reading the script, and you know what he said to me?  He said: "Pabayaan mo na.  Mga tsimay lang naman ang manonood nito.  Gusto nila yan."  The fact is, other people watch the show, too.  And so what if their audience is comprised mainly of housemaids?  The only reason why they buy it is because it's what the media often sells.  Sadly, TV is not the only culprit.  A lot of Filipino filmakers sacrifice integrity for the ring of the cash register. (I know you have to make money, too, but can't you do that and try not to presume we're movie morons?)

     I wish Filipino directors would stop filming those 5-minute crying scenes.  We get it.  The character is grieving.  Do you have to rub it in our faces?  A theatre teacher once said that if you want your audience to cry, don't let one tear drop from your actor's eyes.  I agree with him.  The tearful 5-minute bawling often robs the audience of sympathy.  We turn into observers watching someone cry, as opposed to sensitive human beings that feel the character's pain.

2.  Filipino: Magnifico.  (I also considered Insiang and Himala but if I can bring only one, then I'll choose the one with the more hopeful ending.)

     Foreign:  It's a toss between The Shawshank Redemption and The Legend of 1900.


Shoot here


    If you are planning to shoot here in Tagbilaran City , Bohol , I can help you.





New to the forums


I'm new to the forums.I'm based in Singapore and new to film making.

I have my serious stuff here:

You can check out my first short film(sort of). It's entitled "Lost In Singapore" in youtube in case you can't run divx.

I hope to learn a lot from you guys! Cool

Hi! I am Pmel-- short for Pamela. Aha ha!

I am interested in making an animation-- traditional animation using the current technology. But I am in desperate need of composers. I have several ideas for an animation and they all require music in the background. I don't want to use ripped songs from pop music CDs and such... they ruin the essence of my animation and it's unoriginal.

I am looking for music with a Malay feel to it, if you get my meaning. Kinda like a celtic song version by Filipinos(?) At least somewhere along those lines?

I write my own lyrics and I do have an idea for what kind of music I seek but I'm lacking in instruments and the likes. If anyone here could recommend or willingly volunteer to work with me on my "personal" projects, it would mean a whole life to me.

The animation I am preparing for is not singular but a couple. Of the 5 that I have sketched, I plan to make one selection and send it to several Film Festivals of 2009 in Australia, Canada, Japan, and Los Angeles. I hope against hope that my plan will see it through to the last letter. So please, please help me. If you cannot be a part of my wonderful plan, helping me find local musicians is enough to win my loyalty. Thank you so much! Happy New Year to All!


PS---- With respect to Noid, I will answer his question:

1. I wish for Philippine Films to quite playing it safe (That goes for Bolly/HollyWood and Pixar). I don't know what else to say except that I watch a lot of films to notice the patterns.

British/French and occasionally some Italian Films are quite nice... not at all the time but because they do create hellish work, the good ones stand out the most. Like Amelie, It's a Wonderful Life, Marlena, etc... some Spanish Animations are pretty cool too... I just forgot the title.

Thailand also made some great Films-- cancel out the ones Scorcese (spelling?) made. Korea is catching up... not mention populating the Philippines.

The point is, if the Philippine Film don't quite mano-mano for money, well it'll just keep falling behind those that are moving forward. That should be the Filipino motto at all times for everything-- Keep Moving Forward.

2. If I had to chose between a Filipino film and a foreign film? I'd choose a foreign film. Why? Because it's guaranteed to have something that I haven't already stored in my memory bank.

New Years Resolution and a Deserted Island Cinema

Hey Dino,

I'm Raymund Cruz, 22, male, producer, writer and aspiring director and a Bing Lao & Ray Carney Disciple.

What a Playful post indeed! :) It got me thinking about films in general. When being in a deserted island, would rather go for the harder films (Ozu, Cassavetes or the Dogme films) or would you bring the non-artistic but entertaining Hollywood films? After all, its an island in the middle of nowhere. A film like Festen or Woman Under the Influence will certain lead you to thoughts of depression and eventually suicide.

So going back, My answer to that is.. I don't know.. Caveh's I am a Sex Addict and maybe Leigh's Life is Sweet or Nuts in May.. I don't want to be a killjoy by not giving an answer..

My wish for Philippine Cinema is plain and simple. I would want 2008 to witness the birth of Honest Cinema. Films that bear the same observations of JP Carpio, the metaphysical truths of John Torres or even the realism of the lengthy Lav Diaz films. I'm not requesting for the same style, just a similar idea/portrayal of real people in these films. Let us all take a book out of Tarkovsky when he emphasized that we should ask a question like "What is the meaning of man's life on earth?". We should treat film as a spiritual experience.

We as Filipino artist and culture are too complex and talented to work with stories that are trivial. Leave the "film as a storytelling" treatment to the Americans. Show the world that Filipinos are diverse enough and not only limited to the common 3rd world status.

Mabuhay tayong LAHAT!

-- Raymund Cruz

My apologies..

Oh now I just realized. One Filipino and One Foreign Film..

Hmmm.. For International:

Caveh Z's "I am A Sex Addict", Tom Noonan's "What Happened Was", Mike Leigh's "Life is Sweet" and Joe S' "Hannah Takes The Stairs"..


Waise A's "Standing up", John Torres "Todo Todo Teros" and "Voices", Any think from the Kontra Agos Film Festival, Raya Martin's "Autohysotria", Khavn De la Cruz "Squatterpunk", Lav Diaz "Ebolusyon".

Sorry I gave a bunch of them.. It's so hard to chose Dino. :)

-- Raymund Cruz

- Oh yah! In addition to the my World Selection, I would want to bring books from Dostoyevsky (because of the idea of hope at the end) and Raymond Carver.

my wish for Philippine cinema

Hello Im federico trinidad, i wish one day the Philippine cinema will be equal to Hollywood in terms of making a more quality movies. i would like to see our directors giving their speech in an oscar stage and making all of us proud. It will only happen if we focus on good stories that the world can appreciate not just a movie that focus with love teams ( sobrang bakya na!) we need to do a movie that can be equaled to good hollywood movies the likes of godfather movie series, cast away, and simple as pulp fiction. hello producers dont just concentrate with lousy loveteams choose a good materials pls!


hi i am new name is myles...from laguna but is now leaving in pasay..  i dont have any experiences when it come to film making or acting...but i am fond of watching movies..especially movies that shows a slice of life. i want to become a film maker, though i am in the filed of Information Technology. i want to become a film maker, but dont know where to start and have nothing but a vast closet of DREAMS and IMAGINATION.

i want to see more meaningful movies. coz i watch movies like reading books. so please give me something good to read on.

Filipino movie:

it'd be 'Magnifico' or ' Tulad ng Dati'


Forrest Gump or You've got mail.

i hope i'll be able to get guidance from you guys here..thnaks in advance.

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Hi Myles. I suggest you

Hi Myles. I suggest you 'just do it,' and start shooting if you have a digital camera. You may want to read my post on Real Time Writing for a filming method suited to our milieu, and then read the articles by the film critic Ray Carney I cited in another post.

A related message that is hopefully inspirational..

Dino Manrique wrote:

"just do it" and start shooting if you have a digital camera.

Hi Myles. Dino is right. All you need is an experience that your willing to tell. Search for the deepest, most important moments that makes you question life's existence. You don't need heavy equipments, hundreds of light and big named actors. Think small before big. Connect film with your life, and what you want to say about it.

I suggest you watch Festen, Julien Donkey Boy and I am a Sex Addict. And while your at it, watch more films. Learn from them. Watch Cassavetes, Von Trier, Kiarostami or Bresson. Also, read classical works from Alice Munro and Anton Chekhov. Look at paintings. Don't listen to people that will put you down. You can take in some advice, but never let them slow you down.

Hear are some entries that might help you.

You don't need film school to be a great filmmaker. Good luck to you!

-- Raymund Cruz

Hi everybody! Im Shane 19

Hi everybody!

Im Shane 19 years old,from Rocksprings,Oklahoma. My dad is from the US & my mom is a filipina so that makes me a filipino american.

As a child i really like to act,so my mom enrolled me to acting workshops there in the Philippines.Sadly, as my dad is in the US army he had been assigned back to the US so my acting career stopped there.

Now that im in college i auditioned for our school theater & surprisingly made it.Im so happy im into acting again.Hopefully I can enroll at an acting school thats not too expensive & have great mentors.Mom heard about a film school in the Philippines thats offering that & was enquiring bout it.Im crossing my fingers i can enter there.I cant wait for that new chapter of my life!!!!!!!!!!


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Welcome to,

Welcome to, Shane. And good luck with your acting/filmmaking career! Laughing

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Following My Passion

Hello there! I'm Meg :)... I've loved performing eversince I was at the tender age of three. Sadly, early on my parents already discouraged me from pursuing a career in film making/showbiz for so many reasons... (and I don't think I need to elaborate on that.) But in spite of that, I never lost my passion for acting, singing, dancing and writing. I'm currently 21, and an A.B. economics undergrad. After all those years, I still haven't been able to gather enough courage to follow my passion and not care what my parents has to say. And yet, it is never too late, right?

I'm so happy to have found this site. And I am so looking forward to attending your workshops one of these days! :)

My two films... Well, with so many great films out there, it's very hard to narrow them down into two. I want a film that would leave a lasting impression, something that would keep me thinking about life for a long time (since I'm gonna be alone on that island anyway!) and definitely NO horror or suspense movies! Probably, i'd pick Vanity Fair for the foreign movie, and Moral for the local film... Yes, they're all stories about women and the lives they live... hehe...


Hello,, I'm Ethelmae I'm an AB Broadcast Communication grad and a NEWBIE here. now i'm into photography and planning to explore the world of film making. i love noir & cult films and also short films. i'm interseted in contemporary and performance art. i'm a member of a theater company(Dulaang Bedista Alumni production aka Philippine Stagers)  but with my sked from work, currently i'm not active. 

 for Philippine cinema:  we need the Support of the government and the support of a higher being.  actually when i was a student we went to sampaguita pictures and lvn its a heart warming experience to look back to our golden era when philippine cinema is alive and kickin'.. kung kaya natin noon, kaya natin ngayon!

two films: "10 minutes older" compilation of short films from the best directors and for local, any brocka films..



Big Buzz to all, I am Jul..

Hello guys, i am Jul, 24 yrs old from Zamboanga City.I am not a film maker nor an actor, I am an IT instructor in one of the IT institutions here in our city. But i really like movie so much, ever since college i've been dreaming of coming up with my own film. I like both local and foreign films, and almost all genres. I like films that are simple but very inspirational. Ron Howard's A Beautiful Mind and Steven Spielberg's The Terminal are my all time favorite. For local films, i like Magnifico and Aishite Imasu. I always wish for Filipino Film Makers to be recognized in international award-giving bodies especially Oscar. Every year i'm always crossing my fingers for the award and that chance is about to come.I am happy that i found this site where in i can share what i like most aside from teaching. Hope i can find tips here from all you guys on how to finally start my own film, because i have so many stories and characters in mind, but i just don't know how to start with it.

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Skeeto, just do it. Write

Skeeto, just do it. Write the script. Find actors, then shoot with any digital camera. :)

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PrinceJay here...

Hi, guys! I'm a fresh member here.

This is  PrinceJay working as an event specialists I love to do video editing at home and I'm also earning from it now.

What's your wish for Philippine Cinema?

For the Philippine Cinema to bring back the good old days impression of our movies and anything related to showbiz. Wish that we will be more recognized globally.

If you were to take only two films (any format, genre, length) -- one Filipino, one foreign -- with you to a desert island, which two films would you bring? Of course, the island is equipped to play these films. ;)

Wow! A high-tech desert island? You are giving me a difficult situation here, I wish we all could bring more than 2. But if that's the only choice. I won't choose any, i'll just pick 2 films available cause I don't want to be bias. hehehe! Hey guys, wish to make friends here. Peace!


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Hi everyone

Hi everyone! My name is Carlos "Chino" Corpus IV. I recently graduated from International Academy of Film and Television in Cebu. I am looking for a job  in any position available. I am knowledgeable in directing, producing, cinematography, screenwriting, editing and CGI. But I prefer to be in the directing or cinematography side. Below is the link to my demo. Kindly check it out. Thank you.


For anyone who wishes to hire me. Please feel free to contact me. I hope you guys would consider.


Have a nice day and God bless.


Carlos Corpus IV "Chino"


(02) 825 2131 

hi there! newbie here. i am

hi there! newbie here.

i am jewel ranier ocampo, 33, male, media practitioner.

i was a promotions/trailer producer in the "media corporation of singapore" where i produced, wrote, directed and edited my promos. my tour of duty also took me to dubai, uae as a promotions/trailer editor and producer as well. i am now back in manila, freelancing.

my wish for philippine cinema is for it to develop a true philippine and asian identity. cinema is personal but it can also be global in scope and perspective.

two films, hmmm. maybe the val kilmer starrer "top secret!" and the bad bananas' "kakabakabakaba?". i like a good laugh! :D hahaha!


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wrist watch

i am Vicent Madrid, fresh graduate, nagtapos sa pamantasan ng Adamson, kumuha ang Bachelor of arts in Mass Communication, hilig ang mag konsepto ng kakaiba at natatanging likha, isa sa mga naproduce namin ay ang "Butas" isang Psycho suspense Thriller film.

1. wish? uhmmm.. siguro mas maganda if we will say anoh ang gusto mong ma achieve pa ng philippine cinema. let me begin by saying "films is an art that use to influence" mas magiging maganda kung mas dadami pa ang nahihilig sa art na ito. isang medium upang ihayag ang iyong saloobin. nakakalungkot mang isipan mas madaming pelikula ang tintangkilik ng mga pilipino lalong lalo na ang mga chick flicks na film, oh yung mga films na love story, a typical pinoy romance film.. bilib akoh sa mga direktor noong dekada 80 "i would say it is the peak of the philippine cinema, ginamit ito bilang ipahayag ang nangyayari sa lipunan, isang nakaka kilabot ngunit kahanga-hangang gawain.

2. dekada 70, bakit? dahil ito ang mag papaalala ng aking khapon, ng ATING kahapon bilang isang Pilipino.. isang pelikula na mag papaalala na minsan my isang juan dela cruz na nagkaisa, nanampalataya at nagdusa.

hehehee.. hndi akoh aktibista ah?

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heheh.. im a fresh grad pero bago akoh makatapos nag work nakoh sa NBN 4 as PA (partime Job)..

if sino man poh ang nag hihire in any position, just Pm me or msg me poh at ds e mail add..


saint vincent de paul.. pray for us..

godbless us all..

"always be a blessing to everyone"