'Imaginary Homelands' at Green Papaya

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2007-06-29 19:30
2007-06-29 22:30

Soni Kum / Martha Atienza
Video Screening: Beast of Me/Riles

Soni Kum, born in 1980, is a third generation Korean who grew up in a North Korean community in Japan. Her film 'Beast of Me' is a poignant narrative about how North Korean female students in Japan, forced to wear traditional Korean dress in school as a form of protest, endure physical abuse and degradation from the Japanese as a result of anti-North Korean sentiments and colonial aggression.

Martha Atienza was born in Manila in 1981 and was raised both in Holland and the Philippines by her Dutch mother and Filipino father. Her original three-video projection of Riles may initially grab one's attention as as a conceptual device to create a visual collision of interfacing railtracks - or images, but instead delivers an interface of mediated perceptions.

7:30 pm
June 29 (Friday) 2007
Green Papaya Art Projects

124a Maginhawa St.
Teachers Village East
Diliman, Quezon City
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