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Cinemalaya "NINEBALL" Full Trailer

Written and Directed by ENRICO ARAGON
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John Vanju Alvaira & Charmaine Chavez
John Vanju Alvaira

Russel Legaspi

Candice Habawel

Kiana Rallos

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Mike Dagñalan
Mike Dagñalan

iSNATS, dubbed as neo-realist, is a story of a cellphone snatcher-collector ( J ) who got into trouble when he steals SAMs cellphone (a former cop - drug dealer).

J thinks he hits it big-time when he gets a drug delivery through the snatched phone. But drug lord RUDY wants his drug money and so orders/threatens SAM to get it back.

But then again, local gangster BONSAi gets in the way and pushes J and SAM into deeper trouble. SAM and J team up to survive and eventually escape on a rusty PNR Bicol Express Train.


JOEL OLAÑO as Sam (munich-based german actor of filipino descent)

IDA RAMOS as Girlie (hot legs dancer)

TEDDY CORPUZ(Rocksteady) as Gani



RONALD "Joaqui" TUPAS as Bonsai



PHILIPP HARTH as Rudy's gangster (munich-based pinoy-german actor)

NICK MILLIGAN as Rudy's gangster (berlin-based german actor)

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Before Harvest
Bong Ramos
Murphy Redd and Bong Ramos

Sister Adel is a light-hearted, young nun who embarks on a journey to a village in Ifugao whose indigenous people are as hard to reach as its pristine mountains. She meets Dacmay, a seven-year-old rowdy girl who understands much about the farming life of their tiny town, but not about her own mother who appears faceless in her dreams.

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" Nineball "Trailer - 2007 Cinemalaya Short Film Finalist

Enrico Aragon
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Manila 1945: The Forgotten Atrocities

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Peter Parsons
Peter Parsons

Interviews with the victims of Japanese atrocities in Manila on the eve of Japan's defeat during World War II.

Cesar Montano - presenter & narrator
Ricardo Trota Jose - historian

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Big Time

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Mario Cornejo
Mario Cornejo, Monster Jimenez

Danny (Winston Elizalde) and Jonas (Nor Domingo) are two petty crooks who dream of moving into the big scene. When their carefully-planned kidnapping goes askew, Danny and Jonas find themselves in a tangle neither of them can handle.

Big Time is the non-linear story of two small-time criminals, a wannabe actress, the son of a crime lord, and the kidnapping that brings all of them together for what should be the ticket to their dreams.

In this crazy world, everybody wants to go big time.

Michael De Mesa ... Don Manolo
Nor Domingo ... Jonas
Winston Elizalde... Danny
Joanne Miller ... Melody
Jamie Wilson ... Wilson
Anne Monzon ... Store Girl
Jhek Cogama ... Cellphone Victim
Lito Atienza ... Himself (as Mayor Lito Atienza)
Frederick Edwards... Sonnyboy
Macho Henchman ... Macho Henchman
Funny Henchman ... Funny Henchman
Christina Dy ... Bar Girl
Marissa Victoria... Dog Owner
Whiskey ... Dog
Bachii Gomez ... Bowler

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Eli Africa

On the Philippine island province of Leyte, "Ta'bo" or market day shifts from town to town during the week where local residents flock to get their basic needs. A tradition among a few of the dried fish vendors, wares are sold using the rhythm of the songs they sing.

Maribel Tijones

Maria Kintana
Virgilio Mendiola Sr.
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OFW-Bagong Bayani o Baliw na Bayani

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Overseas Filipino Workers-New Heroes or Mad Heroes
Noriel Jarito
Juan Patlang and IRONoriel

An overseas Filipino worker in Saudi Arabia battles with his worries and boredom. Determined to work but fiercely homesick. Is his stay worth the sacrifice?

Noriel Jarito
Bernabe Jose Malvar
Tina Siervo

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The Puffy Chair

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Jay Duplass
Mark Duplass

Josh goes on a road trip with girlfriend Emily and brother Rhett to pick up a purple recliner he bought from eBay, and then to deliver it as a surprise birthday gift to his father.

Mark Duplass .... Josh
Kathryn Aselton .... Emily
Rhett Wilkins .... Rhett
Julie Fischer .... Amber
Bari Hyman .... Motel Manager
Gerald Finnegan .... Puffy Chair Salesman
Larry Duplass .... Josh and Rhett's Dad
Cindy Duplass .... Josh and Rhett's Mom
Henry Barendse .... Upholsterer
David Parsons .... Theater Owner
Jose Manuel Alvarado .... Furniture Employee
Daniel Gonzalez .... Furniture Employee
Ora Aselton .... Furniture Customer
Bill Leighton .... Fire Extinguisher (as Billy Leighton)
Jim Whalen .... Doctor

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