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Use 'Recent Posts' and 'Recent Popular Content' Menu Items Instead

This site has been having trouble lately after I moved the site to a new host. In particular, the site has been using too much of the new server's CPU resources -- thus my host's suspension of this site (if you've been to the site lately). One of the tweaks I performed to solve and pinpoint the problem was to temporarily disable the Recent and Most Popular blocks.

So as an alternative to this feature, you may instead click on the 'recent posts, and 'recent popular content' menu items in your navigation menu. Thanks!

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We're Back!

The site was offline the past couple of days or so while we moved to a more stable (few downtimes) and hopefully faster server/host, and I hope you will notice the difference, however slightly. :)

There were some kinks to smoothen out during the transition, but most of them have been solved (related to database compatibility). Right now, some of the characters in a few of the posts, like the apostrophe (') don't display properly. I guess I just have to manually replace them. Otherwise, the site is good to go.

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How to Post Trailers

I'm glad that some of you have already included your movies on our site's database. Smile Keep 'em coming , guys!

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Updated Instructions on Posting Videos

I've updated the instructions on posting a video. Instead of disabling the rich text editor, just click the 'HTML' button on the rich text editor and paste the embed code on the resulting pop-up window. Then click the 'Update' button on the same pop-up window.

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'Photos' and 'Trailer' fields added for the 'film' content type

In connection with our site's new feature of being able to include photos and videos in our posts, I have included new fields for the 'film' content type. These are the fields 'Photos' and 'Trailer.'

Same rules apply. You may hotlink to images served in sites which allow hotlinking like or or from your own site, and embed videos from sites which allow external sharing, such as or Google Video.

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You can now include photos and videos in your posts

I have just added the ability for you to add photos and videos to your posts, that is without uploading them directly to the site. In other words, you can now "hotlink" to photos which are served in sites which allow hotlinking such as and; you can also embed videos from sites which allow external sharing or embedding such as

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Site errors

I apologize for the site errors this past couple of days. My web host some technical problems. Thank you for understanding.

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Please notify me of errors

If you have trouble posting or commenting, I would greatly appreciate it if you can send me a note at pinoyfilm at gmail dot com. I would like to fix any bugs/problems at once for everyone's benefit. Thanks!

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Posting reminders

A few quick tips/reminders:

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Added 'Filmography' field in profiles

An inquiry by scriptwriter Ka Pete Lacaba inspired this addition. Please update your profile page accordingly.