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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all members! May you and your loved ones be showered with blessings this New Year...Laughing

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Profile Pictures Enabled

In the spirit of added interactivity and personalization, I enabled the uploading of profile photos/images/avatars, and their display in entries and comments. For the moment, consider this an experimental feature, if this measure contributes to the improvement of the site, then we will make this a fixed feature.

You may upload your pictures in your 'my account' page.

Thank you, and keep on posting. Smile

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We're Back; Unwanted Log Out Problem Fixed

If you've tried logging in and posting the past few days, you may have experienced being logged out whenever you clicked an internal link. I have now fixed the problem by writing over the old files with the newest files of Drupal (the open-source software used by this site).

You may now log in and start posting again. Smile

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Please Re-post Missing Recent Content (If Any)

Our web host recently moved servers. If any of your posts or comments got lost in the process, just kindly re-post it. Also, if you can't find your username in our database, you may need to register again.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for understanding.

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'Captcha' Enabled During Registration

To prevent our site being spammed, I've enabled captcha during registration of new users. Captcha is "a type of challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether the user is human." (

In our case, if you're a new user, you will be asked to solve a simple math problem during registration. I hope this first line of defense against spam bots will work so that I won't have to enable captcha during posting of content. Just e-mail me at pinoyfilm at gmail dot com if you encounter any problem.

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Had to Restore Site, Please Re-post your Content

Hi folks,

There was something wrong with and my other sites, so we had to restore from previous backups. I was wondering if the sites were hacked, but my web host said no. At any rate, we're still looking into it.

Anyway, because of the problem, some of your most recent posts have been lost. I would greatly appreciate it if you can post your content -- and your comments -- again. Also, if you have recently registered, you may need to register again.

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'News' Integrated with 'Weblink' Content Type

I have integrated the 'news' content type with the 'weblink' content type. So if you want to post a link or news item from an external site, just go to create content->weblink, and choose the appropriate Weblink Type be it news, article, etc.

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Editing of Any Film Enabled

I've enabled editing of any film entry by a registered user so that fans or the filmmakers themselves of a particular movie (which may have been submitted by another user) may modify or add details of that movie. 

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Use the Google Search Box to Search

I recently found out that the default site search tool is not as updated as it needs to be. Until I can determine how to tweak it, it is advisable to use the Google Search box at the right side to search Just choose, enter your search keyword(s) and press the 'Enter' key (or click on the 'Google Search' button).

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New Guidelines on Posting Articles from External Sites

I just included in the Site Manual guidelines on posting posts or articles from external sites so that we are at least using within legal territory, and complaints from other parties will be avoided.