'Dolores' at Cinemanila 2009

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2009-10-21 16:00
2009-10-21 17:30


A poignantly twisted tale of parental love and lust, Dolores is about a young adolescent torn between the love and desire of his family members. Having been raised in a cocooned world where everyone turns a blind eye on each other's self gratification, Dolores' sense of innocence begins to warp until it eventually breaks into a childlike kind of self-destruction.

Dolores features Dido dela Paz, Mailes Kanapi, Amante Pulido, Conrad de Guzman, Keith Cabañez, RJ Maximo, Joseph Garcia, Redentor Esguerra, and Lara Buenaventura as Dolores.

With screenplay by Casaje and Garcia, associate direction and editing by Lawrence Fajardo and Jobin Ballesteros, cinematography by Andrew Topacio, production management by Jerry Garcia, sound design by Alan Hilado, production design by Raven Ong, art direction by Aaron Hernandez, second assistant direction by Heather Europa, and produced by Casaje and Garcia for Dramatic Personae, Dolores is presented in part by Barcelo Café, Nature's Spring and Pixel Art Media Production.

Screening Schedule

07:00PM October 17, Saturday Cinema 6
04:00PM October 21, Wednesday Cinema 6

For details, call 392-7935 or 842-9672 or log on to www.cinemanila.org.ph.

Sources here, here, and at Meyor's post at UPFI yahoogroup.


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Congratulations to Lito

Congratulations to Lito Casaje, my Writing Crime Fiction (Butch Dalisay) classmate in UP, and to the cast and crew of Dolores! :)