'Condo' at IndieSine

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2008-01-23 21:00
2008-01-29 23:59

From kinoeye_csb:


Watch the Trailer at youtube.com

From a maverick film group, Breaking the Box Productions, comes a new
independent, digital film. Aloy Adlawan, writer and producer, leads a
pack of young filmmakers in Condo, a neo-magic-realist-sci-fi-drama
about a young security guard who has to deal with his lost sense of
being and his encounters with people in the condominium where he is

The film stars Coco Martin fresh from his critically acclaimed
independent features- Adolf Alix's Tambolista, Neal Tan's Ataul for
Rent, and Brilliante Mendoza's Tirador. Veteran actress Perla Bautista
leads the ensemble of fine performances in major supporting roles,
along with seasoned theater actors Arnold Reyes and Diana Malahay and
showbiz personalities Avi Siwa, Chx Alcala, Vice Ganda, Love Thadani,
and Jao Mapa.

Condo is directed by promising young director Martin Cabrera.

Condo, a demo CD for Security Guards

how was it described? neo-magic-realist-sci-fi-drama? too hi fallutin for a very trashy movie.

The movie( is this a movie?) was a complete let down. I think the director should know that an editor can do a job in film making. The main character (coco martin) was portrayed as disburbed guy (and why is he disturbed? nobody knows, medyo nakalimutan ipaliwanag sa movie eh). The movie was two hours long of walking and walking. Pwede itong ibenta as Demo CD for those who aspire to become a security guard. No, i'm not kidding. Imagine, the audience was treated to a real time "ronda" of a security guard from lobby to rooftop (hanggang 8th floor yun ha!. The only saving grace of the movie was its realistic dialogue particularly the second lead guard (forgot their names) and his girlfriend.

blurry-eyed but the clearest movie i've ever seen

why? i don't want to subject you to a lengthy paragraph so i'll enumerate 10 reasons why i loved this movie.

1. it was realistic. obviously, the lives of security guards aren't action packed.

2. benjie chasing the "intruder" added a little "weirdness" that the movie needed.

3. loved the way it portrayed how a security guard gets to have glimpses into the lives of the people in the condo, but never really gets to know them more than that

4. through out the movie, you get to know benjie better, but take note that you have to pay attention to the movie to understand it

5. igno (the other guard) gave the movie the right amount of comic relief and a little light to the otherwise dark and lonely film

6. how benjie arrived to a realization was portrayed beautifully in the movie

7. I COULD RELATE TO THE MOVIE. when i lost someone special i didn't want to face it and i always refused to talk about it. i poured all of my time and effort into my job and became a recluse. i simply lost the will to "live life"

8. the "boring parts" weren't boring at all.

9. loved how the segments were divided into "floors" and not chapters.

10. Coco Martin never ceases to amaze me. His eyes and facial expressions are always genuine and sincere. Hindi mo maiisip na nag-aacting lang siya. He's one of the best actors that I've ever seen and it's not easy portraying a troubled person w/o looking like a loon. He's certainly the Prince of Indie films. And, oh yeah, he's really hot. :D