Cinema One Originals 2008

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2008-03-28 00:00
2008-03-28 23:59

Extended deadline for Cinema One Originals 2008

Cinema One, the country's premiere movie channel, opens its doors once
again to all filmakers by giving them a chance to film their creations through the annual `Cinema One Originals.' The vision and goal of this project is to be able to encourage Filipino talents who have fresh and new ideas to generate original and full length films that sell without having to sacrifice depth and substance in content. Chosen completed film scripts will be funded by Cinema One with a
budget of P1,000,000 to cover for all filming expenses and costs. These select creations will also be shown nationwide, and even worldwide, with the help of Cinema One.

With the great success of many past independent films from young and
talented Filipinos, Cinema One Originals may be the much needed break
of hopeful filmmakers to be able to invade Philippine Cinema and
eventually, the world.

Cinema One is now in search of the next batch of unique, innovative
and creative works for the 2008 Cinema One Originals Film Festival.
From five (5) selected digital movie projects last year, Cinema One
will now choose seven (7) original narrative feature scripts from all
of the submitted entries, giving film aspirants more chances of winning.

For those interested to join, submit a full-length feature script in
either English or Filipino, a brief resume with photos, samples of
previous work dubbed in VHS, CD or DVD, and a duly accomplished
application form to the Cinema One Originals Secretariat, CPI
Programming office, 10/f, ELJ Communications Center Building, ABS-CBN
compound, Eugenio Lopez Drive, Quezon City or email to
cinemaone@abs- Only those with complete requirements will be
accepted. Extended deadline for submission of entries is on March 28,
2008 (Friday). Visit doc
for the mechanics and application form or go to for
updates and details.

Cinema One proudly lives up to its tagline, "Ang Buhay Natin, Parang
Sine." With the upcoming 2008 Cinema One Originals, it is no doubt
that these films will give not only entertainment, but will also serve
as an inspiration for millions of talented Filipinos around the globe.