Cinekatipunan to Screen Short Films on Water

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2007-09-25 17:30
2007-09-25 19:00

From Kiri Dalena

IBON Foundation, Inc.
in cooperation with
Cinekatipunan Film Project

invites you to the screening of three short videos on
the different aspects of
water privatization

Nilista sa Tubig (Written on Water),
Ang Pasahol na Dam (Dams Make It Worse), and
Tubig: Buhay o Tubo? (Water: Life or Pofit?)

25 September 2007 (Tuesday), 5:30-7:00 pm
Mag:net Gallery and Cafe
AGCOR Building, 355 Katipunan Avenue,
Quezon City (fronting Miriam College)

Nilista sa Tubig
(Written on Water, A presentation on the privatization
of water services)
Water services directly impact on the majority of the
people, particularly the poor, because they are the
most fundamental use of water - domestic use. Thus,
its privatization and commercialization seriously
undermines the people's access.

Ang Pasahol na Dam
(Dams Make It Worse, A presentation on the
corporatization of water resource management)
The development of water infrastructure must ensure
the provision and supply of water to the people.
Water infrastructure development in the Philippines
only benefits private and foreign corporations who
control the country's river systems through the
construction and privatization of large dams.

Tubig: Buhay o Tubo?
(Water: Life or Profit?, A presentation on the
discrimination in the use of water for livelihood)
The right to water is the right to life. Water should
be used for meeting people's needs - for their
livelihood and for their daily use. But government
denies farmers and fisherfold on water for livelihood
in favor of the interests of big private and foreign
investors' use of the nation's water resources.

Directors: Miles Quero-Asa, Philomel Buena, EJ Mijares
Running Time: 12 Mins. 40 Secs.; 12 Mins.; 14 Mins.
Copyright 2006