And so was the sun

By gab david
September 22, 2006 / home town naga city/ 5.01 pm

The sun has to say thank you
For this day of happiness
That envelopes me the whole day
And never failed to give me the best day

The sun has to say thank you
For this day of enjoyment
That makes me who I am
And for having someone in my side

The sun has to say thank you
For this day of having a full of love
That showers in my heart and hers
And for making the this day our day of love

The sun has to say thank you
For this day of sharing
That thought me to be humble in every minute of the day
And for having her and teaching me the simplicity of life

Kumusta Higala... Ila-ila Ta...

A movie buff and voracious reader, I am a man of letters. During my MA, I was diagnosed to be unfit for research but received the Excellence in Research Award for my thesis, An Assessment of Cor Jesu College Educational Technology Program: Basis of a Proposed Development Program. I am a paradox - living in both extreme fields of literature and journalism.

As a playwright and stage director, I had written and directed several plays, such as: LISO (seed), a community day presentation in Cor Jesu College; BANTAYOG (monument), a commemmoration of the 100 years of Philippine Independence; and BUDYONG (conge), a pilgrimage story for the local celebration of the Jubilee 2000 in the Diocese of Digos, and other commissioned works for community presentation. I had also adapted several literaty pieces, such as BIDASARI (Malayan epic), which is premised on the belief that life will be lengthened if kept by non-human living things; and SINAG-TALA (Fr. Reuter's The Star), a Christmas story from the point of view of the girl, Veronica.

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Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil and Her Angels


An abridged version of this article was published in the Saturday Special Section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer on May 10, 2003.

Last March 12, 2003, at the 14th International Women's Film Festival (March 4-14), which was held at, and organized by, the University of the Philippines Film Center, we saw a wonderful surprise of a movie. The movie was the digital film Angels produced by Star Cinema's now defunct Digital Film Division, then headed by multi-awarded scriptwriter Ricky Lee, who also wrote Angels. Angels was directed, meanwhile, by a hitherto unknown woman to us, named Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil.

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Lav Diaz: A Portrait of the Artist as a Filmmaker

Feb. 21, 2004
8 p.m.
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