Auditions for Mindanao Musical 'Ranaw: Isang Alamat'`

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2007-10-08 09:00
2007-10-27 17:00

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Ranaw: Isang Alamat
1985 CCP Playwriting Award
When Ranaw: Isang Alamat first toured the country in 1987 and 1988, the national prominence of the then 10-year old Integrated Performing Arts Guild (IPAG) as a major performing arts company was cemented. IPAG, celebrating its Pearl Anniversary this year, reinvents this dance-musical that has received wide acclaim in its extensive road tours.

The remount needs:
Males Leads ----------------Can look between 21-24 years old. Medium built and height, muscular. Can sing and move/dance
Female Leads -------------Can look 16-18 years old, can sing and dance, slim and light
Supporting Males --------Can look 40-60. Can act; singing and dancing not required
Supporting Females ----Can look 40-60. Can act; singing and dancing not required
Chorus (Male and --------Female) Can dance. Knowledge of martial movements (kuntao and/or kungfu and related forms) for males will be a plus. Ability to sing will also be a plus.

For singing and dancing parts:
sing one music number a capella, preferably any solo number from a zarzuela or a Broadway musical
act out a short one-minute monologue in Filipino or Cebuano
mimic steps from a one of our choreographer's pool captains
For non-singing and dancing parts:
perform a short one-minute dance vignette with or without music accompaniment (applicant provides own CD)
mimic dance movements led by one of our choreographer's pool captains
Expert dancing (contemporary or ethnic-adapted) will be a plus, however most lead roles will require the levels of broad gesticulations and highly energized movements (for males) and nuanced flowing gestures (for females). Because the musical will require double- and triple-roles, the ability to sing and dance will be an advantage.

No single cattle call. The Artistic Staff will be available daily starting October 8 (Mon) until October 27 (Sat) to entertain auditions at the MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology Production Room of the IPAG. Callbacks start Nov. 3 (Sat). Rehearsals begin in November. Performance dates: February 7, 8, and 9 in Iligan City . Road tours follow the Iligan premiere.

Contact: (063) 4922354 09167006209