An Appeal to ABS-CBN re Alexis Tioseco and Nika Bohinc Murders

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I just sent the e-mail message below to Maria Ressa, head of ABS-CBN's News & Current Affairs. I think what I relayed below is a reasonable request from the local filmmaking community. Alexis, after all, was a regular on ABS-CBN's shows, and during the PAGASA forum I mentioned in the letter, Ms. Ressa herself said that ABS-CBN devotes a significant amount of time to crime features precisely to assist the public. If you know of any other way to reach Ms. Ressa, please let me know or feel free to forward the letter below.


Hi Maria,

I'm the publisher of and, and I attended your talk recently at the PAGASA forum at PETA (If you still remember, I was the one who asked how the tools you showed us can help elect a reformist president. :)).

Anyway, I'm writing because I noticed that ABS-CBN is not covering Alexis and Nika's murder on your local news shows (i.e. free TV -- TV Patrol & Bandila). Except for the initial DZMM TeleRadyo report ( ), I didn't see any comprehensive coverage about the crime like what GMA did for example. See and .

(I myself was able to use the data they provided to create the following video: ).

Perhaps something can be done about this? Flashing the photo of the housemaid for example might help get leads.

If I am mistaken, and missed the relevant news features, please let me know.


Perhaps you missed this?

Perhaps you missed this?

This was how I learned about the murders, when a friend posted this link on Facebook.

I also watched a TV Patrol report last night about the crime. They even interviewed Quark Henares.